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Oct 01, 2018

For anyone who is looking for love in the digital age, online dating is at the forefront of 
modern society, providing people who are on the go with a way to interact with other single or 
interested people the world over. But how do these sites stack up against one another, and 
what kind of services do they provide? Have a look at our review of one such dating site, 
Victoria Hearts. 

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Online Dating Introduction

In 2019, online dating is a common way of meeting the love of your life. It’s a practiced and socially acceptable way of finding a romantic partner the world over for both young and old, and can give its users a way to find out more about their potential love interests before meeting for the first time. 

Online dating has come a long way, and as such has developed in a way that encourages exploration in your own values and expectations for a partner, but also allows you to focus on a niche to help you find other like-minded singles. This can range from sexual orientation, hobbies, and even women from one region or another, like Victoria Hearts.

About Victoria Hearts

Established in 2013 and registered in California, Victoria Hearts claims to specialize in connecting singles from all around the world to men and women in Eastern Europe and Russia. As such, Victoria Hearts does operate under the jurisdiction of the California legal system and of the United States.

Victoria Hearts claims that “Hundreds of single men and women join us every day,” and that they offer a user-friendly experience focused on presenting you with statistics about who likes your page, visits your profile, and so on. The site is available on both mobile and your computer, providing you with flexibility should you decide to try it out.


Who is it for?

Victoria Hearts is a website that focuses on heterosexual relationships, specializing in connecting people to men and women in Eastern European and Russian areas. People who are looking for love via a dating website can find a man or woman here of varying ages, ranging from 18 years old to seniors.


Review of Registration

The registration process for Victoria Hearts is easy. Simply provide an email and fill out the standard forms asking about your details: Name, age, occupation, height and weight, country of residence, smoking and drinking habits, religion, and marital status.

You will then be asked to write up a short description of yourself. From there you will be asked to fill out what you want from the other members of the site. This ranges from the type of relationship you want, their body type, age, children, and so on.

After that you will be taking to their main page where you will be given a short introduction into the site’s features, how to keep track of messages and other services you receive, and a complimentary 20 credits to spend interacting with other members.


Review of Interaction and Usability

From the onset, the site provided a simple way to use its various functions. You can contact other members and view the profile of a man or woman by simply clicking on a picture. For example, if you want to message a woman you like, click her profile and use the chat function to send her a message that’s hopefully good. 

The best feature for someone who is looking for love on a dating site is that you will receive many chat messages from profiles on a regular basis. If you search for a particular profile, or just search for a general man or woman who matches your interests, you should be able to start off on the right foot by looking at their information to make sure they are the best fit for you

The site has many ladies who claim to be searching for a life outside of Eastern Europe, and there is the option to possibly meet if you and the other person like each other enough. As love is possible anywhere, especially on dating sites, the possibility of meeting members encourages you to try to get to know others who are looking. 

Overall, people should have an easy time using a website like Victoria Hearts. On any given day you will be able to meet a variety of people using dating sites such as this, and Victoria Hearts at least presents itself as a good way to communicate with profiles of people claiming to want a good dating experience. 

Staying Safe Day to Day in 2019

Whether you meet the love of your life or are just looking for some communication with other people who want to search or even meet up with you, it is important to know information about how dating sites operate, and what some of the risks for a scam or scams may be.

To ensure the best time and experience while dating on a site like Victoria Hearts, be sure to view the site’s policy concerning what risks are present and what you may have to watch out for. Victoria Hearts does have a support function on their site that operates via email. The support team can help you if you feel that you have been the victim of a scam by another user. However, the best way to stay safe from a scam is to keep your personal information private and to not reveal anything too personal in your profile.

Never send money to another user over the website or to women who have provided little information and evidence that they are who they claim to be. Even if you think they have given you a very personal message or view into their life, never agree to send them money or any details about your finances and personal life. 

It is important to remember that many people use dating sites to take advantage of people who may not understand that the person sending a message may not be the same person in the photos and videos they are seeing.

It is very easy to get fake pictures and to use them on a dating site, so be careful and never, ever put yourself at risk by giving anyone your credit card information, sending them any money in any way, or downloading anything they send you without scanning for viruses or other forms of malware. 

You have the right to contact support at Victoria Hearts for any suspicious activity, especially if anyone or anything asks for your credit card or bank information, personal identification details (such as ID card or Social Security number), or asks for you to pay for a flight for them to come meet you. 

It is always better to be cautious and patient than to rush into something and be taken advantage of by a scam. We want you to be safe, so stay informed and contact support right away if there’s any sign or suspicion of a scam.


Identifying and Avoiding Scams

To start with, you need to know that anyone who eventually asks you to spend money on them or to provide them with information that isn’t on your profile may be trying to take your personal data. Protect yourself from any scam that you can be keeping your information private and safe.

Any ladies whose communication with you keeps asking for financial help, loans, or gifts may be someone who is hoping to have you spend money on them, or worse, may take your personal information to do something illegal in your name. If you aren’t careful, you can be taken advantage of and have all of your finances stolen.

Also, be aware that any person who messages you may not be a person at all, but a form of chatbot that is designed to get you to spend your money talking with a machine, asking you to send and spend more and more. If you do receive a message and suspect that it isn’t real, you can test this by sending a specific message (or something strange) to see how the profile responds.

If the next message ignores your last sent message, or doesn’t respond to it with more than a word or two, you may be chatting with a bot.The best thing to do in this sort of situation is to contact support and to see if they can’t start to improve their services by limiting the number of bots on the site. 

Unfortunately, Victoria Hearts does seem to have a high number of bots on the website, so be careful when chatting with someone. You should also know that Victoria Hearts defines scammers as individuals who are looking to take advantage of you or hack your personal information but does not consider these bots to be a scam.


Review of Costs

While there are a variety of free features available to you on Victoria Hearts, the majority of your actions will be regulated by their in-house form of currency, credits. Sending messages and emails, viewing videos and live shows, and sending gifts will all cost you between 2 and 30 credits.

When you initially sign up at Victoria Hearts you will be given a complimentary 20 credits to make use of, but this will go fast. You can naturally pay through a secure 128-bit encryption service for more credits. The prices for credits vary. Depending on your interest and needs you can choose what might be best for you. The prices are as follows:

  • $9.99 for 20 credits 
  • $28.99 for 50 credits 
  • $64.99 for 125 credits 
  • $99.99 for 250 credits 
  • $214.99 for 750 credits 

If you are low on credits or don’t have that many, the site will interrupt you on a regular basis to ask if you are interested in purchasing more. If you are inclined to, you can also set up an automatic payment service for the plan of your choice whenever your funds run out. 

Every message you send, up to 300 characters (which is the length of an SMS text on average or a tweet) to a member will cost you 2 credits. Sending a gift will cost 5 credits, and viewing a video will cost you 25 credits. Your first email only costs 10, but every subsequent email after that is 30 credits. Any messages or emails that you receive won’t cost you anything, which is fortunate because you will be contacted often.

Victoria Hearts claims in its Terms of Use that credits are generally not refundable, but does state in its Refund Policy that they may refund you at their sole discretion. They do list a few reasons that they may refund your credits, but be aware that this is not a guarantee of a refund service.

All in all, Victoria Hearts can be quite expensive if you aren’t careful with your sending of messages or viewing videos, so be careful with how many people you contact and how many credits you are willing to spend before deciding on a purchase. Also, make sure to the best of your ability that who you are talking to is who they claim to be.


  • Easy to Use
  • Informative Statistics
  • Flexibility in Contacting and Meeting Up


  • Expensive
  • Chatbots Present


Victoria Hearts offers a number of good features and on the surface seems to have a wide variety of ladies and gentlemen to connect with. However, the site can be quite expensive with its credit system, and there do seem to be a number of chatbots on the site that, if you aren’t careful, can be a drain on your credits. You may very well find the love of your life on Victoria Hearts, but like with any dating site, be careful and be smart.

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