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Nov 08, 2018


The site boasts a pretty reasonable number of members from across the gamut. Within the site's dating scope, you'll find people with all sorts of hobbies, views, and ideas. And the site itself tries its best to match you with people who are a good fit for you. 

You have options for providing the site with information about yourself, and it's best to use them and fill out your profile before getting started. Once you've done that, you can take a better look around. 

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The site loads pretty smoothly, and it doesn't feel outdated in its design. That's important, because it makes browsing profiles, and thus meeting people you're actually interested in, quite a bit easier. It provides a few tips and notifications on how to use it, and its communication tools are rarely far off. 

Finding People 

Of course, each person using a dating site will find a different subset of people. But from usage for this review, there's a lot of interesting people on this one. Again, fill out your profile, and try to be thorough about it, and you'll find the site working better than you might expect.

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